The courses Introduction to mass spectrometry and proteomics and Advanced quantitative proteomics (BL.0451 and BL.0452) are each two days block courses at the end of respective semesters. The courses teach theoretical and practical principles of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics. The first course BL.0451 introduces principals of MS analysis of peptides and proteins. Current mass analyzers and underlying physical principals are introduced in lectures. Hands-on analyses of mass spectra are performed in a practical course. The second course BL.0452 introduces quantitative MS-based proteomics principles in lectures. In a practical course proteomics experiments are performed and data is analyzed by current bioinformatics approaches. After both courses participants will be able to design and perform MS-based proteomics experiments and to analyze respective data. BL.0451 is a prerequisite to take part in BL.0452.