Fluorescence light microscopy is a core technique to visualize biological processes in fixed and living tissue.  With new development in microscope design and image acquisition progress was also made in digital image analysis. The aim of this course is to give the students a theoretical background in digital image analysis and to train students to use state of the art software tools.  In a first module the students obtain theoretical knowledge about principles of digital image analysis and learn about ethical aspect in image manipulation.  In a second module students are teached in workshops to use image analysis open source software ImageJ/Fiji and commercial software Bitplane Imaris and Huygens Deconvolution.  In self-directed teaching tutorials student acquire basic image analysis skills  (File formats, Metadata, Contrast adjustment, Background correction, Filtering).  In workshops advanced techniques are learned such as image segmentation, 3D rendering, deconvolution, and co-localization.  An introduction in batch processing and macro language will complete the session.  The course will give practical guidelines that will help students with imaging projects in their line of research