Prof. Dr. Markus Gmür

Organisational Change and Crisis Management in Nonprofit Organisations

Fr 9-12, C230

The course is a mix of lecture and case study work. It is based on a selection of texts that are to be prepared for the classes. Students join groups of 3-5 members and choose a real case study example of an organisation during a crisis or a fundamental change. They analyse the case referring to theories and concepts from the lectures and based on published information.

Major topics:
• Organization Theories of Change
• Methodological Issues in the Research of Organizational Change
• The Multidimensional Analysis of Organizational Change
• Institutions and NPO Change
• Individual and Organizational Sensemaking in Crisis Situations
• Structural Change During Disasters
• Organizational Change Management in NPO
• The Role of Leadership During Change Processes
• Risk Management in NPO