Lecturer: Dr. Marcel Thom
Contact: marcel.thom@unifr.ch

This course is designed for master students that want to get a deeper understanding of the consulting business. By combining theory and practical simulations, participants should get a hands-on experience of the skillset that is required to lead consulting projects.

For many years, consulting has been a thriving industry that attracts a lot of interest. Although the foundation of the required strategic thinking - that is needed to execute consulting projects - has been well captured, only very little attention has been given so far to leading consulting projects.

To successfully lead consulting projects you need to:

1. understand the underlying problems that have to be solved,
2. identify key questions that need to be addressed,
3. plan for an appropriate execution mode,
4. craft out how to position yourself in the acquisition contest, and
5. compose a winning proposal document.

Upon the completion of this course, the participants should be prepared to act on this understanding and be in a better position to immerge into the consulting business.