Overview:      “Integrated Skills”

The second year Advanced English Programme Courses (Autumn: “Informal Spoken English”; Spring: “Integrated Skills”) provide practical work intended to help BAS1 students refine their speaking, reading, writing and oral comprehension skills to develop secure use of English in the modern adult public and professional world. ‘Integrated Skills’ focuses on the ability to speak critically about specialized topics using an extended range of vocabulary specific to the given topic (ex. environment, poverty, well being, gender issues, etc.). Students will improve in their ability to employ meta-linguistic awareness to help refine their English. The principal course project will be to present on a particular topic incorporating appropriate songs. Students will write an initial text giving background information on the topic, provide peers with a carefully selected article on the topic, lead peers’ in guided discussion relating to the topic, and write a follow-up reflection.



·        Read, speak, and listen to English to gain increased confidence and fluency

·        Expand informal and formal range of vocabulary including collocations

·        Identify and practice linguistic features particular to specialized topics

·        Gain confidence in presenting and leading peers in an guided discussion on a chosen topic

·        Refine writing skills (writing coherently, having a specific purpose and audience in mind, using correct grammar and vocabulary)

·        Acquire and practice meta-linguistic strategies to help further (and personalize) the acquisition of English

·        Improve pronunciation where relevant