Despite an unprecedented number of international transactions and a growingly global economy, laws remain different throughout the world. The divide between the civil law and the common law traditions remains also deeply entrenched. Contract laws and business issues are, like all legal and societal issues, eminently cultural. Because of the frequent application of national laws in international disputes, it is very important to learn how to communicate between lawyers across cultures and legal systems. This is the reason why the persons in charge of this course have invited Prof. Greg Klass to share his knowledge of US Contract law, a common law system, driven by state case law and some nationwide integrated norms, such as the Uniform Commercial Code.

The course will deal with questions relating to the binding force of contracts, from formation to performance and enforcement, contract interpretation, change of circumstances, breach of contract and remedies. It will allow students to acquire a deeper understanding of the features of US Contract Law and Civil Contract Law in Europe and Switzerland. At the same time, it will be a unique opportunity to share views across the Atlantic and to relate to the cultural differences.