Target audience: mobility students, international students, employees of the University of Fribourg, and external participants.

Prerequisites: None, i.e. no previous knowledge of the German language is necessary. However, it is important to allow enough time for preparation and follow-up and to regularly attend both course dates (4 lessons per week). At the end of the semester there is a written test divided into reading, listening, writing and vocabulary. Active participation in the numerous oral exercises is also required.

Learning objectives: You will reach level A1.1 according to the CEFR after one semester: you will understand individual pieces of information in slowly spoken dialogues, you will be able to talk about yourself and your everyday life and ask others about it, write short emails or messages with reference to everyday life, find specific information in reading texts and know some grammar topics of the German language such as the present tense, the perfect tense, plurals, indefinite and definite articles, adjectives, etc.

Contents: introducing oneself and others including family, colors, furniture, expressing like/dislike, professions, numbers and the time, the alphabet, making appointments, objects in the office, talking about food, one's everyday life and traveling. Emphasis is placed on oral communication in order to break the ice with the German language as well as to actively practice and use the German language in conversations and games together with other international participants.   

Course book and workbook: Momente A1.1 by hueber