Target audience: This course is not suitable for people with no previous knowledge of German (total beginners) => for this target audience we strongly recommend the course A1.1 à 4 lessons per week.

It is important to allow at least 2 hours for preparation and follow-up and to attend the course regularly, as we cover new topics each week in the sense of a "fast course" - the progression is very steep and requires weekly practice at home. At the end of the semester there is a written test divided into reading, writing and grammar/vocabulary.

Learning objectives: After one semester you will have completed level A1 according to the CEFR: you will be able to communicate in everyday life in a simple way.

Contents: Talking about yourself and others, describing ways, writing about experiences, making appointments, talking about plans, wishes, health and illness, appearance, rules... Grammar topics include modal verbs, the perfect tense, various prepositions and the imperative.

Course book and workbook: Momente A1.2 by hueber


Time: 10.15 - 12