This course is taught at two years interval in the Autumn semester of even years and follows up on the introductory course on particle physics that is given yearly in the Spring semester.  The framework in which particle physics is formulated and understood is introduced and the basic concepts that allow to understand particles and their interactions from first principles are discussed.

Part VII – Particles and interactions
Cross sections
Fermi’s golden rule
Interaction cross section
Interaction by particle exchange
Feynman diagrams
Yukawa potential
Discovery of the pion

Part VIII – Particles and antiparticles
The Dirac equation
Discovery of the positron
Spin and helicity
Pion decay

Part IX – Physics at lepton colliders
Fermion-fermion scattering
Feynman rules
Positron-electron colliders
The e+e- → 𝜇+𝜇- cross section
Discovery of the tau lepton
Muon and tau decays

Hadronic R–ratio
Discovery of the gluon

Part X – Hadrons: Mesons and Baryons
Mesons as bound qq̅–states
Symmetries and conservation laws

Part XI – The Standard Model
Symmetries at the base of the Standard Model
U(1) → Quantum Electrodynamics — QED
U(1)Y × SU(2)L → Electroweak unification
SU(3)C → Quantum Chromodynamics — QCD
The Brout–Englert–Higgs Mechanism
The End and open questions