Target group: This course is intended for beginners with a rudimentary knowledge of French as a foreign language. Priority is given to mobility students.

Prerequisites: Level A1.1 (introducing oneself and others, the alphabet, days/months/seasons, asking for and giving information, professions, nationalities, countries, places, family, expressing likes and dislikes, activities and leisure.)  

It is important to allow sufficient time for the preparation and follow-up of the course and to participate regularly in the two weekly sessions of the course (4 lessons per week).

Content/topics: Time and schedules, daily routines and activities, the working day, invitations and outings, telling about past and future events, giving advice, travel, accommodation, emotions, food and shopping, clothes.

Evaluation: At the end of the semester, a written test evaluating your oral and written comprehension, your written production and your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is carried out.