Topic outline

  • Research seminars (BL.0111) and Journal Club (BL.0402)

    This page contains the schedule of the presentations for the academic year 2017-18.

    Location: Biology auditorium 0.110

    Time: 13.15  - 14.15 

    In principle two presentations are given every week, except July, August and the Christmas Holidays. However, we advise to fill first the slots during the semesters (September to December and February to May)

    The following groups are requested to present:

    Master Students in Neuro and Developmental Biology (mandatory: one BL.0111 and one BL.0402 presentation). Usually during the second half of the Master studies.

    Master Students in Biochemistry (mandatory: one BL.0111 and one BL.0402 presentation). Usually during the second half of the Master studies.

    PhD Students in "Zoology" and in "Biochemistry" : one progress report (BL.0111) and one paper presentation (BL.0402) per academic year (according to FGLS regulations)

    Postdoctoral fellows are no longer required to present.

    Everybody in "Zoology" and "Biochemistry" is expected to attend:  MSc students (for the credits), PhD students (for the credits if affiliated to the FGLS doctoral school), Postdocs AND Group leaders.

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    For the speakers: the presentation time should be 20-25 minutes, plus discussion. Please make sure that you introduce the topic to make it understandable to non-specialists.

    Presentations are not limited to the two semesters. Please look at the dates that are still available. In principle we have one Journal Club and one progress report every week, but two progress reports or paper presentations on the same day are also possible.

    To reserve a time slot, please contact

    There is a presence list to check for attendants (including group leaders).

  • 4 September


  • 11 September



  • 18 September



  • 25 September

    BL. 0402:

    BL. 0111:

  • 2 October

    BL. 0402:  Tomaz Martini (Albrecht Group)

    BL. 0111: 

  • 9 October

    BL. 0402:  Désirée König (Jazwinska Group)

    BL. 0111:

  • 16 October

    BL.0402: Thomas Bise (Jazwinska Group)

    BL.0111: Thomaz Martini (Albrecht Group)

  • 23 October



  • 30 October

    BL.0402: Maria Tarca (Puoti group)

    BL.0111: Emilie Cropt (Albrecht group)

  • 6 November



  • 13 November

    BL.0402: Jenifer Kaldun (Sprecher Group)

    BL.0111: Thomas Bise (Jazwinska Group)

  • 20 November

    BL.0402: Emilie Cropt (Albrecht group)


  • 27 November



  • 4 December

    BL.0402: Jules Duruz (Sprecher Group)

    BL.0111: Adrien Vaquié  (Jacob Group)

  • 11 December


    BL.0111: Jennifer Kaldun (Sprecher group)

  • 18 December 2017


    BL.0111: Jules Duruz (Sprecher Group)

  • 22 January 2018


  • 29 January 2018

    BL.0402: Emilie Cropt (Albrecht Group)


  • 5 February


    BL.0111: Abou Eid Shadi (Dengjel Group)
  • 12 February


  • 19 February


    BL.0111: Maria Tarca (Puoti group)
  • 26 February

    BL.0111: Shadi Abou Eid (Dengjel Group)

    BL.0111: Andrei Lia (Glauser Group)
  • 5 March


    BL.0111: David Crespo (Wicky group)
  • 12 March

    BL.0402: David Crespo (Wicky group)

    BL.0111: Gabriella Saro (Glauser group)
  • 19 March

    BL.0402: Andrei Lia (Glauser group)

    BL.0111: Filipe Marques (Glauser group)
  • 26 March

    BL.0111: Mert Duman (Jacob Group)

    BL.0111: Regine Tölle (Dengjel group)
  • 2 April

    Easter Monday

  • 9 April

    BL.0402: Larisa Maier (Sprecher Group)

    BL.0111: Zehan Hu (Dengjel Group)
  • 16 April

    BL.0402: Filipe Marques (Glauser group)

    BL.0111: Aurore Jordan (Glauser group)

  • 23 April

    BL.0402: Domenica Ippolito (Glauser group)

    BL.0111: Saurabh Thapliyal (Glauser group)

  • 30 April

    BL.0402: Aurore Jordan (Glauser group)

    BL.0402: Leyla Batkitar (Dengjel group)

  • 7 May

    BL.0402: Saurabh Thapliyal (Glauser group)

    BL.0111: Domenica Ippolito (Glausser group)

  • 14 May

    BL.0111: Jianwen Zhou (Dengjel Group)

    BL.0402: Bich Vu (Dengjel Group)

  • 21 May

    Whit Monday

  • 28 May

    BL.0402: Gabriella Sarò (Glauser Group)

    BL.0111: Larisa Maier (Sprecher Group)

  • 4 June

    BL.0111: Guillermo M. Garcia Osuna (De Virgilio group)

    BL.0111: Ola El Atab (Schneiter group)

  • 11 June

    BL.0402: Clarisse Brunet (Sprecher Group)

    BL.0111: Iwona Olejniczak (Albrecht Group)

  • 18 June

    BL.0111: Rasha Khaddaj (Schneiter group)

    BL.0111: Clarisse Brunet (Sprecher Group)

  • September 24th

    BL.0111: Yoshija Walter (Spierer Group)
  • Academic year 2018-19

    BL.0111 is substituted by BL.0403.
    BL.0402 is discontinued and replaced by BL.0404.
    For registration to BL.0403 (progress report), see the moodle page 2018-19 available from August.
    Journal clubs  (BL.0404) will be held in the respective research groups.