Topic outline

  • General Information

    The seminar „International Criminal Justice“ is organised by the University of Vienna (Prof. Frank Höpfel, Prof. Gerhard Hafner, Prof. Ursula Kriebaum, Dr. Andrea Lehner) in collaboration with the Universität der Bundeswehr München (Prof. Christina Binder) and the University of Fribourg (Prof. Gerhard Fiolka).

    • Subjects

      Here is the final list of topics.
    • Seminar Paper

      Participants are expected to write a paper on their subject of 40‘000-50‘000 signs (ca. 13-17 pages, whenever possible before the seminar). They will present their subject at the seminar in Vienna and participate actively in the discussions.

      Successful participants will be awarded 5 ECTS for the seminar (art. 13a RRS/RED).

      Participants‘ work will be assessed based on their seminar paper and the oral presentation at the seminar.

      Provided the paper is handed in before the seminar grades should be available for the 2nd exam session 2020.

      • Seminar in Vienna

        Paper will be presented and discussed on May 28-30, 2020 at the University of Vienna.
        The working language of the seminar is english.
        Participants are free to organise their trip and accommodation as they please (and at their own cost).

        • Your Application

          The number of participants from Fribourg is limited (5 participants max.). The seminar is open to doctoral students as well.

          For further information and to apply please get in touch with Prof. Fiolka ( When applying please state your preferred topic as well as 1-2 further options.