Topic outline

  • General Information

    The seminar „International Criminal Justice“ is usually organised by the University of Vienna (Prof. Frank Höpfel, Prof. Gerhard Hafner, Prof. Ursula Kriebaum, Dr. Andrea Lehner) in collaboration with the Universität der Bundeswehr München (Prof. Christina Binder) and the University of Fribourg (Prof. Gerhard Fiolka).

  • Subjects

    Here is the list of topics. For the "Secret Seminar", you may also make your own suggestions.
  • Seminar Paper

    Participants are expected to write a paper on their subject of 40‘000-50‘000 signs (ca. 13-17 pages, whenever possible before the seminar in Vienna). They will present their subject at the seminar and participate actively in the discussions. 

    Papers for the seminar in Vienna need to be in english. Papers for the «Secret Seminar» can be handed in in other languages (e.g. german, french) as well.

    Successful participants will be awarded 5 ECTS for the seminar (art. 13a RRS/RED).

    Participants‘ work will be assessed based on their seminar paper and the oral presentation at the seminar.

    Provided the paper is handed in before the seminar in Vienna grades should be available for the 2nd exam session 2023.

  • Seminar

    There are several alternative options for taking this seminar:

    • The joint seminar session in Vienna is scheduled for May 24-26, 2023 (Wednesday-Friday). The seminar will include a visit to the UN Building in Vienna.
      Up to 5 students from Fribourg can take part in the seminar session in Vienna.

      Organisation of the trip and accommodation will be up to the participants and at their own cost.

    • As the joint session in Vienna will take place close to our exam session, subject to demand a substitute seminar session for Fribourg students shall be scheduled in the period April 21-25, 2023. Depending on the number of participants and organisational requirements the seminar will last 3-5 days within this time frame. The Fribourg session will be organised acoording to the «SECRET SEMINAR»-Formula: You will find out where the seminar takes place on the day of departure only. The actual dates of the seminar will be published by the first week of April.

      Minimum number of participants: 6.

      If for any reason (in particular sanitary regulations) the secret seminar session can not be organised, an alternative format for the oral presentation will be made available, so you will have the opportunity of earning your ECTS.

      The maximum cost for the secret seminar session (3-5 days, travel, accommodation in shared twin room, seminar room) will be 400 frs.

      The seminar is complementary to any other «secret seminars» in european criminal law or mutual legal assistance. Feel free to take as many as you like! Of course, the seminar is also complementary to the semester course in international criminal law.

      Application deadline for this «variant» of the seminar: March 21, 2023.

    Presenting at one of those sessions will be sufficient for taking the seminar. However, you are free to take part in the secret seminar session as a rehearsal and to join the Vienna session as well.

    Special Credits (2 ECTS) can be awarded for presentations at the seminar without written work.