Step 1 : Know your REDCap server
To begin with, you need to know which REDCap server you need to connect to 
For projects older than 2024:

The name of the REDCap server along with your USERNAME will be sent to you by mail beforehand (as soon as we approve your REDCap account).
Your PASSWORD is the same as for your email address.

Step 2 : Connect to your REDCap server

Step 3 : Fill in your user information

Step 4 : A verification email is sent to the specified email address

Step 5 : Check your email inbox and confirm your address

Step 6 : Install an Authenticator Application

Access to REDCap is reinforced using the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

As such, you will need any one of these Authenticator Apps:

Step 7 : Log into the server

On the server's home page, click on "AAI | SWITCH edu-ID":


Simply fill in your credentials in the fields below:

Step 8 : Configure the two-step authentication

Keep your smartphone ready and connected to the Internet.

When you receive the following prompt, simply click on "Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator: [...]":

Another prompt will pop-up and click on "How do I set up Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator ?":

Follow the instructions on screen and configure the 2FA by opening your Authenticator App and scanning the QR code.

IF YOU ARE USING AUTHY AUTHENTICATOR INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTERuse the Key/secret code to configure your 2FA (instead of the QR code). 

Now each time you want to log into the server, enter the verification code provided by your Authenticator app:

Step 9 : Your first login is successful!