Topic outline

  • BeFri Research Colloquium and BeFri Research Retreat in Neuro- and Developmental Biology

    This course contains two half-days colloquia and a two-day research retreat. The colloquia feature the presentations from about 20 research groups working at the University of Bern and University of Fribourg. The subjects are focusing on, but not limited to the Neuro- and Developmental Biology. After the student presentations pizza and beverages will be provided to facilitate the interactions of the participants.  Students have the opportunity to meet the speakers and to discuss ideas. 

    This course is a part of the MSc specialisation in Neuro- and Developmental Biology jointly organized by the Universities of Bern and Fribourg. All PhD students, postdocs and PIs of participating research groups are invited to attend.

    Msc students are asked to present their research projects with a poster at the BeFri Research Retreat and to write 8  summaries of selected talks during the semester.  The summaries will be evaluated and graded by the speakers.  

    Please sign up for the BeFri Convention in Fribourg or Bern to get train ticket reimbursement (see link below).

  • BeFri Research Colloquium March 1, Fribourg

    Chair: Boris Egger

    14.15h Peter Meister and Boris Egger

    Infos for the BeFri Research Colloquium and the BeFri Research Retreat 2019

    14.30h Vineet Choudhary (Roger Schneiter Group)

    Biogenesis of Lipid Droplets: implications in health and disease

    14.50h Riko Hatakeyama (Claudio De Virgilio Group)

    Spatial dissection of the cell growth signaling pathway

    15.10 Martina Rudgalvyte (Dominique Glauser Group)

    Identification of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase I (CaMKI) phosphotargets in Caenorhabditis elegans

    15.30 Coffee break

    Chair: Peter Meister

    16.00h Rohan Chippalkatti (Beat Suter Group)

    Mms19: a mitotic gene and a novel microtubule regulator

    16.20  Carolina Garcia Poyatos (Nadia Mercader Group)

    Respiratory supercomplexes provide metabolic efficiency in zebrafish

    16.40 Désiree König (Anna Jazwinska Group)

    Characterisation of scattered paraneuronal cells in the epidermis of the zebrafish fin

    From 17.00h Pizza and Drinks in Pavillon Vert

  • BeFri Research Colloquium April 5, Bern

    Chair: Peter Meister

    14.30h Iris Hug (Mariusz Nowacki Group)

    Developmental genome rearrangements in Paramecium tetraurelia

    14.50h Jules Duruz (Simon Sprecher Group)

    Origin and evolution of bilaterian cell types

    15.10h Matt Zuellig (Catherine Peichel Group)

    Does centromere drive underlie hybrid inviability in Stickleback?

    15.30 Coffee break

    Chair: Boris Egger

    16.00h Tomaž Martini (Urs Albrecht Group) 

    Role of the monocarboxylate transporter 1 in food anticipation of mice

    16.20 Alex Puoti 

    Revisiting terminal regulators of sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans

    16.40 Thomas Höhener (Olivier Pertz Group)

    Optogenetic interrogation of growth factor signaling pathways

    From 17.00h Pizza and Drinks in meeting room across the hallway

  • BeFri Research Retreat May 9-10th, 2019 in Kandersteg

    9th BeFri Research Retreat 2019:

    Friday May 10th, 2019

    Chair: tba

    10.40h Alfonso Mendez-Godoy (Dieter Kressler Group)

    Functional characterization of a novel Prp43-binding protein containing a G-patch domain

    11.00h David Crespo Rodriguez (Chantal Wicky Group)

    The Zinc-finger protein LSL-1: a new player in the choreography of meiotic chromosomes in 

    C. elegans

    11.20h Andrei Lia (Dominique Glauser Group)

    Dissecting nociceptive habituation in C. elegans using St-LiTe: a versatile light and temperature stimulation platform

    11.40 Coffee break

    Chair: tba

    12.00h Zehan Hu (Jörn Dengjel Group) 

    Robust modulation of protein turnover by ATG1 and TORC1

    12.20 Preeti Yadav (Smita Saxena Group)

    Induced pluripotent stem cells as a model to study C9orf72 - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    12.40 Moushumi Das (Peter Meister Group)

    Exploring 3D genome organization using nanopore sequencing