Repeating instruments

Repeating instruments

by Alexia Schmid -
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We would like to create a follow-up based on our baseline questionnaire (e.g. follow-ups for study visits 1, 2 and 3). How can we "repeat" the Baseline questionnaire and modify the content of FU1, FU2 and FU3?

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Re: Repeating instruments

by Corentin Aurèle Wicht -

Dear Alexia,

First of all you should make us of longitudinal data functionality (in Project Setup):

Then you need to assign your "Baseline" questionnaire (called "Emergency Contacts" in this example) to the desired events:

Then, to modify the content of your Baseline questionnaire based on the assigned event, you can use Branching Logic (i.e., make specific field appear/disappear based on event names).
Here is an example:


As such, the field "em_contact2" will only appear in the event called "Baseline" (unique name "baseline_arm_1").

To find the events "unique names", go to  and look for this column:



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