Import or upload existing instruments

Import or upload existing instruments

di Alexia Schmid -
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In our new project, we are going to create a Baseline questionnaire and its follow-up. 

Is it possible to import an instrument from one project into another? If both projects are our own.

Or would it be better to import an instrument from the official REDCap Instrument Library? In this case, I find it difficult to find a model close to the desired structure for our Baseline questionnaire.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Import or upload existing instruments

di Corentin Aurèle Wicht -

Dear Alexia,

Thanks for your question, it's indeed possible to export an instrument from a project to then import it back in another one.

First, go to the project which contains your Baseline instrument and go to  then click on the dropdown menu "Choose Action" and select "Download instrument ZIP":

Then, head to your new project and still in the click on "Update instrument ZIP file from another project/user":

You may have to rename some of the new imported items if they are conflicting with existing ones (remember that in REDCap item names should also be unique).

Regarding the "external libraries", they are actually not coming from the REDCap team as is specified in the pop-up: "These third-party websites are *not* affilliated with REDCap in any way, nor is REDCap responsible for their content". 



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