Translation of survey

Translation of survey

by Michael Schmid -
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We have created a survey for our subjects in German. We plan to share the survey as a link, so that subjects can fill it out.

Now we’d like to make a copy in French and English.
However we see that only the top data collection instrument in the table provides a link.
If we have French / English copies we would also need a link for them.
In addition, we’d like to ensure that the subject’s responses get filled into the same data field, irrespective of language.

Could you please help us with this?

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Re: Translation of survey

by Corentin Aurèle Wicht -

Dear Michael,

What you are looking for is the Multi-Language Management (MLM) functionality ().

Now that you have defined all your fields in german you need to (in the MLM interface):

  1. Add the german language as the default (+ fallback) language
  2. Add the other two languages (from available system languages)
  3. Under ,activate the languages for the desired instruments/surveys and provide translation for each item manually.
Then, whenever a participant opens a survey he/she will see a button () on the top-right corner with which he/she can select the language and it will automatically translate the whole page.

For more details, I invite you to read my tutorial (videos at the bottom).

Regarding the survey link, REDCap works in a way that it creates a link for each study event (not instrument). In your case, since the study is not longitudinal, then you only get one link (since one event). Now if you want, for e.g., the second survey to open up right after the first one is completed, you should do the following:

Under , modify the  of your first instrument and activate the following option:

Please note that the order of your instruments will matter and thus influence the sequence of surveys.



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